Technical Courses

Basic Water Supply Operations Seminar

Provides an overview of the technical aspect of water supply operations. Topics include the hydrologic cycle, water resources, storage, treatment, and distribution, and the Maynilad system.

Basic Wastewater Management Seminar
Basic Wastewater Management Seminar

Designed to educate participants about the importance of proper wastewater management and operations. This module covers topics such as reasons for treating wastewater, types of wastewater, different treatment methods, technology selection criteria, and the Maynilad treatment facilities.

Non-Revenue Water Management Program

Aims to help water companies reduce their Non-Revenue Water. Lower NRW will result in better service to customers, reduced unauthorized water usage, lower wastewater treatment costs, and better water resource savings.

Soft Skills Enhancement

Communication Training Program (Power Speak)

Designed to help water company leaders hone their public-speaking skills. Topics include managing stage fright, preparing for speeches, developing audio-visual aids, and delivering powerful presentations to different audiences.

design thinking
Design Thinking

Aims to help water districts identify their problems and  think of sustainable solutions through innovation. The workshop covers the core components of design thinking which are to discover, interpret, ideate, experiment and evolve.

Customer Service Management

Specifically geared toward water districts who want to improve their relationship with customers. Discussions cover identifying customers, determining and managing the customer life cycle, retaining customers, building value for customers, and managing customer experience.