The academy believes in the significant role of educators in promoting water education. Teachers and students gain relevant knowledge through learner-centered programs that promote education on water and wastewater. Through education, we contribute in nation-building by promoting programs to develop sustainable water for the next generation.


Water Education Tour (WET)

This half-day tour of the water and wastewater treatment facilities of Maynilad aims to introduce participants to the different aspects of water company operations, including water sources, water treatment, water distribution, and wastewater operations. The academy conducts lectures that cover basic company information and the water treatment process.

Water Nature’s Precious Gift Modules

Water: Nature's Precious Gift Modules

Maynilad, in partnership with the Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Mathematics Education and Research, Inc., (FPSMERI), University of the Philippines National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Department (UP NISMED), and UNESCO Southeast Asia Center for Lifelong Learning and Sustainable Development, developed 15 modules on water and wastewater. These modules were customized according to the appropriate subject and grade level from the K-12 curriculum, with the end-goal of instilling in the youth the value of water.

Maynilad Water Academy piloted its first Junior Water Camp

Junior Water Camp

The program is designed for students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) track. It is an 80-hour immersion program on water treatment, distribution, leak detection, metering, and customer relationship management. At the end of the program, students are expected to develop possible action research topics for the water sector. Information on career options in the water sector is also provided to participants.

Research and Development

The Academy believes in the importance of finding solutions to the challenges in the water industry. To bridge theory and practice, the Academy is open to forging alliances with educational institutions committed to the improvement and development of new technologies for water and wastewater operations.



The Academy is open to collaborations and partnerships with educational institutions committed to promoting knowledge exchange on water and wastewater education.

Teacher's Water Camp

This customized program is designed for teachers in the Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) track. At the end of the program, teachers are expected to integrate water education in their STEM curriculum, with the objective of demonstrating the relevance and practical application of principles and concepts in Science and Mathematics.

Training on Appreciating Water

This program is intended for teachers and students who want to gain basic understanding of water. By the programs conclusion, participants are expected to learn about water and wastewater, as well as the significant role of stakeholders in caring for water sources through wise and responsible water consumption.